He cheated you too thinien? See its coming to light no matter how his partners try to cover his ass.
I think that this "ATHK" (aka Daniel Woods) is a liar and a fraud. I saw him trolling some people around the BYOND-related groups. He is just a troublemaker.
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Wanderer159 wrote:
I think that this "ATHK" (aka Daniel Woods) is a liar and a fraud. I saw him trolling some people around the BYOND-related groups. He is just a troublemaker.

You can just stop right now, you're not even a client. Your just a friend of OP.

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Thinien wrote:
I have a screenshot taken today of my own attempt at canceling byond panel services.. You quit responding to me and I was never disrespectful... I gave up on my refund.. You are a scammer tho if cancelation inconveniences you at all.

I can see your tickets, luckily your BYOND key is the same as your email.

So lets start with this,

16th March 2018 - service was created
19th March 2018 - Ticket opened "Saving" - looks like you had an issue with your game saving, I answered, you didn't respond.
16th April 2018 - Cancel request and chargeback
Your PayPal subscription took your agreed amount out of your account the next month for April, you blamed me for that for some reason, even though I'm not in control of your finances and I'm not a mind reader, how do I know you want your service cancelled if you don't tell me. You didn't even give me a chance to issue a refund to you once you sent the initial cancellation ticket..

So you proceeded to issue a chargeback and then open a ticket, obviously PayPal decided in your favour and too right if you wanted to cancel, but that said, if you didn't do a chargeback .. you wouldn't have had to wait .. the .. 30 days for a refund. But thanks, that one cost me $10 USD in chargeback fees from PayPal on top of your refund.... Just for transparency I made a 50 cent profit from the lowest plan I offer, I do this as a hobby .. not as business for any sort of profit reasons.

Your last ticket said,

"Had cancelled service but my acc was comprimised and it still sent my $. Paypal investigation finished, you were re given funds. Could i be reimbursed please"

I investigated this, there was no additional payment from your account, only the one that was issued a refund as mentioned in the paragraph above. And how did I know that was really you, since you were "comprimised"

Quite obvious these people are trolling
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Zagros5000 wrote:
Quite obvious these people are trolling

Trolling isn't the word for what this is. Fraud. Libel. Breach of contract. Those are words and phrases that land closer to the center of the dart board.
They trying hard to protect their pittle one man scammer but it ain't working lmao. Mostly everyone weve spoken to has been cheated by byondpanel aka dan woods.
I appreciate the homesty weve gotten from ppl who are now speaking up. I'll get you my discord where we can discuss his scamming in more open grounds without team bullsquad trying to evade the seller's obligation/responsibility that he doesnt uphold

Wanderer was right. Hes a horrible ass who goes to antagonizing ppl in a heartbeat
I'm locking this thread to prevent the continuation of the blatant, immature harassment that's been going on here before we enter legal areas of a service that is unaffiliated with BYOND Software.

To my knowledge, A.T.H.K has been a long-time supporter of BYOND and when I used his services in the past I never encountered issues with him.

If you have any problems with his service, please contact him directly or somewhere other than the BYOND forums, thanks.
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