Hello Readers! There was decent break in the rainy summer weather I've experienced, and was finally able to mow the lower section of my yard that had previous not been accessible via yard tractor. Still left a few mud marks, and it's a bit rough, but hacked it down anyhow. Speaking of cut grass, let's check out the clippings from the cutting edge around BYOND!


Will BYOND Developer Lummox JR attempt to foil the Friday Curse again? Find out next... well, tomorrow. Bug fixes (and a holiday) dot the BYOND development landscape of the last few weeks as attempts (Details on those bug-resolving endeavors are available on the BYOND Patreon page) are made to push BYOND 512 to stable and begin work on BYOND 513 features.


Red Alert! Bravo1 is in with the latest happenings in Dark Star! Airlocks around the station are operating properly now, and so is the artificial gravity. A helmet HUD has been installed to convey body health information from the suit sensors. Not really sure what the drippy red and blue liquid is supposed to be...

Have a very merry un-birthday to you! A daily gift box containing coins and other goodies is now available in Spires of Agartha. New potions help players do more faster, A handful of new skills have been added or tweaked, spells can now be pinned. Demons can now train and evolve to become stronger, and the minimum character age has been lowered to a lucky thirteen years old.

The hub page for the hectic shoot-em-up game FEED is back in operation and has even seen a handful of updates from Kumorii over the last few weeks. Scattered monster remains persist longer, hair is no longer equivalent to Santa Claus hats, and helpful AIs are back. Who will be the next Feeder Leader?

Travylleb is back and holding a handful of images from The School District: Online, as the two local prep schools of New Drake City get ready to close out summer vacation. Black jack happens on a series of surfaces, vehicles are ready for impact, and the chat menu is in operation. Login images close out the status update.

The latest update log for Azusa Online version 1.0.8 has been released! Although... It's more like an update tree... a whole tree. At any rate, this release brings an end to the extended downtime that the game has endured, and modernizes the interface. New relics turn the tables, bigger (messier) battles can be undertaken, travels though space and time have seen changes, over two dozen training methods added, and way more than I can legitimately continue to stuff in this paragraph. The server is currently opened to those who have subscribed to the game in one form or another, but a Lifetime subscription is currently up for random chance for those who meet certain requirements.

Delve in deep into the item world of Zenith Call, where regular bland equipment items can be evolved and enhanced. Entry into the realm places the item at risk, but the reward grows greater with successful progression, and so does the difficultly.

There's a pun somewhere in that chef's title, shared by Avidanimefan in the latest update notes for Kage: Rise of the Tengu. New areas have been added, and new tools allow players to complete more tasks at the cost of stamina. Roleplaying features have been snapped into place, Clans have been outlined, and world shop profits can be redeemed. For new players, a guide to the game is in the works.

BYOND Resources

  • Deviant Coder's BYONDBoost has received a boost of its own. Current users will have to adapt to the changes!
  • Ter13 has made a small font contribution. The trend is shrinking font sizes, but I'm pretty sure if the letters get any smaller, they will all be rectangular boxes, better known as Asian fonts to my computer.
Thank you BYOND and the developers here for guiding me in the forums to become a better coder and begin to integrate my developments into my work.
Keep up the good work BYOND coders!