Naruto: Way Of The Shinobi

by Axerob
Naruto: Way Of The Shinobi
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The Return of WOTS FAQ

What Version will be hosted?
- 3.x with plenty of changes

But i don't like 3.0, can you host a different version?
- No, 3.x will be the version hosted. Give me some feedback on what you don't like, and i will adjust the best i can.

Why are you going with 3.0, i like other versions?
- 3.0's sourcecode allows me to add and makes changes quickly since it was efficiently programmed. Offer me suggestions to improve the game.

What changes do you have in place??
- 3.x with plenty of changes. Check out the Update Log.

Axerob, the interface and icons look so old compared to [game]?
- I'll gladly accept new pixel art donations if you want to help.

I'd like to donate to the game to support it's release/I want to pay for items in game.
- I will not be accepting any monetary donations. Donate icons or something that will help the game.

When is it releasing?
- TBA. Come join the test version while we balance. I'll be hosting periodically just to show we're still active.
Looking forward to it. Probably don't remember me but I'll most likely be playing lol. See ya soon, Rob.

Let me know if you want some help.