Rp Radio CE - Custom Edition

by Mista-mage123
Rp Radio CE - Custom Edition
Create your own text-based roleplays, using the power of an RPG Battle System!
More info at thread: http://w11.zetaboards.com/Sega_Sonic_Corp/topic/30651097/ 1/#new

Preliminary patchnotes:
*Fixed window sway
*Added a new battlesystem: Pocket Monsters, for Monster Training servers. This is a little advanced, please see related discussion topics
*Added (No Equip) tags for skills that cannot be equipped
*A new command editdots has been added to add buffs with DoT effects
*Passive skills can now be inherent based on race/trait/specialty. In the passive skills, include (Specialty) for specialties, (Trait) for traits, (Race) for race
*Fixed artifact editing/removal
*! (Not) notation added for wreqs and reqflags. &&(And) and ||(Or) supported