i was searching the app market for dnd type rpg's and i found all sorts of interesting stuff ... for life i thought reminiscentedly of an exclusive to beyond. thief
fyi. if thief was in the appmarket under roguelike games, why the hell is it not even listed anymore
besides thief w/ dnd elements such as dex or int perception checks and footsteps
you could use pixelate to prepare, however temporary placeholders, graphics is one
who is blair?

to impress the beyond community individually as personally there is likely a future in 2d isometrics yet 20
given the characters apperance
height, mass, equipment/inv
there are roughly 126+2 procedures(proc) to demonstrate realistically how that functions on a grid of 5ft per square
shadows, lights, density, opacity
256 procedures roughly outlining interaction, movement and responses automatically generated sequences,