Soul Society

by Tantric1
Soul Society
Bleach Las Noches - 2019 - Active Staff - BLN PVP
UPDATE 7/20/2018

Hi everyone! We're back with a HUGE update from Chelupa! It may not seem like a long list, but these were MAJOR hurdles for the game that were getting in the way of new content and the like. As far as we know, they have all been conquered, but as always if you see a bug be sure to report it.

We hope to see you back in game soon. We'll be doing 2x for the weekend, and all player/guild files were wiped.

Keep an eye out for more to come!

- All releases unlocked!

- Player save lock bug should be fixed

+ Due to the nature of this issue changes have been made to arena.All players will return to Death Box after arenas with no penalty timers.IF either player logs during, both will be sent to Death Box(Penalty applied to offender)

- Lag issues have been worked on caused by poor projectile managmentShout out to Kilo

+ Changes have been made but some projectiles may still cause lag please let us know if one stands out.In light of this previously locked out releases have been opened with the exception of Shunsui

- Fixed attacks and projectiles not hitting players with higher defense stats or level

+ Now all attacks should connect with lowest damage output being 50 dmg.This fix also corrected blast explosions sometimes healing other players

- Past Battle and Deliveries now have their own Seperate rooms

- Fixed Past Battle and Delivery NPCs disappearing if you run off the screen and reconnect makes you stuck with no npc spawned

+ Note that any players that logout while in Past Battles or Deleveries will suffer timer penalties

- Team disband verb and logout functions fixed added extra outputs to keep team informed

- Add new title screen by Toxii

- Fixed sado being able to buy Kidou

- Guild saving, inviting, and leaving functions overhauled to allow removal of player offline or online

- Sado challenge should now give shared team exp like Past Battles