I am not sure if this is in the right forum or not but i figured i'd try to warn people about a group of 10~ people who are playing in Roleplay Tenkaichi. Recently they were causing trouble with the admins, breaking the rules & being toxic individuals.

Then they started passing around a pastebin with peoples passwords, I.P's, and even a few admins phone numbers to send death threats. They DDOS to get what they want and had a majority of the good admins fired by the owners for no reason, and the owners have shown themselves to be pretty spineless against that behavior.

The owners have claimed they've added a "I.P Scrambler" to the game, but people have mentioned even that makes security in the game very low.

So beware of these keys if they appear on your game as they will start to threaten you or your playerbase.

Dademon (or something similar)
Skip Bayless
not a regular person
And many more, i doubt they'd use the same keys after this, but who knows. I am not trying to name and shame these people, but as there is no way to report this behavior to byond (And little they can do) People may need to be warned.

Evidence: (The pastebin has been since deleted by either the creators or staff.) old staffs advice on how to protect ourselves from these attacks.

Can't say I'm surprised. It's been like this for ages, it is the internet after all..

Don't take that the wrong way, I've met great, honest, smart, interesting people on BYOND in my years.

I've also met fraudulent, dishonest dirt bags.

If you feel like these people are threatening you or someone else's life, you should have as much information as possible and report them to the police ASAP.
Unfortunately for me the police in my area are not interested, there was over 600 instances all coming from hong kong on my end.

I feel the only people who can get something done atm is the owners, but as i said they are unwilling.
One of those names is particularly familiar. Part of a cadre of people that have been repeatedly banned from the website. They keep coming back. Best to ignore them. They are sad people who want to feel powerful. Taking them seriously is sort of feeding their deprived little egos.
unfortunately, they cannot be ignored. they were in a RP game so they took advantage of the rules at the time, they killed a lot of characters, bug abused, etc etc.

The rules pretty much forbade us from even ignoring them so people were forced to try and deal with them. No one thought much of them until they DDOsed & sent death threats. Thats about as serious as they got.

Right now the owners of the game refuse to ban them & according to what i have seen screenshots of, they're now "Raping" people in the game. And its being allowed..
Your options sound more and more like not being present. If the guy running the game isn't dealing with it, there is nothing else to do but realize that these are sad, unhappy people and do what everyone else in these people's paths have done: avoid and distance.