Hello Readers! This column has been carefully reviewed by the BYOND Ministry of Classification, Censorship, and Coverup. Any information which has been obscured has been done so strictly for your own protection. Any attempt to recover the redacted information will be viewed unfavorably. Please enjoy today's edition of Within BYOND. Note: The BMCCC requires darker ink.


You could say that BYOND is moving forward with the latest beta release, that is, from all of the movement related bugs that have cropped up as part of the latest overhaul of the movement code. Lummox JR goes into detail on the improved movement logic over on the BYOND Patreon page, along with other goodies, like how and why basic math concepts are wrong in computer-land. The ghost of BYOND image hangs past reappeared, but was swiftly casted away again.


Avidanimefan's Kage: Rise of the Tengu is getting political with the addition of village leadership positions. Oni blooded is the latest class players can experiment with, new quests are ready to be resolved, and new items can be found.

Sigrogana Legend 2 is quietly creeping towards version 2, with the latest additions in 1.99.1 featuring a randomly generated dungeon on the Outer Ice Frontier in Lordwain, where you might find four new Iceblood enemies. After exploring on the Ice, head out in search of new weapons, like the salamander sword, then be on the look out for more NPCs who can mysteriously walk though tavern walls.

Konlet held a contest, looking for a redesign of RP Infinite's logo. Five artists picked up pixels, and IainPeregrine swooped in at the last minute to submit the winning entry, pictured to the left, along with $124 in cash and prizes. Congratulations to the runner-ups and other submitters.

Deviant Coder has restored Icon Bay to its former glory, where players can exchange and share artwork. Donations and communication recordings have been dropped, and the repository should run smoother as well.

Bl4ck Adam is showing his bleeding heart in his latest screen-capture. The setting appears to be a high-school with a dress code, and a lack of privacy in the restrooms. Oh yeah, the deceased body might be a concern.

The weaponry in Bravo1's Dark Star is getting way more futuristic. Latest screenshots show the plasma blaster and singularity generator at work. For the record, filling enemies with plasma and/or throwing them into a black hole is a very effective way to take care of them... not that I would have any experience with those methods from another space-age survival game...

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Opps! It was brought to my attention that I completely missed the August 8th date for Within BYOND #96. So, since August this month has five Wednesdays, Iíll push #96 to August 15th, and then release #97 on August 29th. Then resume the tentative 2nd and 4th Wednesday release schedule in September. Thanks!
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