by Vizzion
A unique multi-player real time strategy game.
First let me start off by saying once again, .bits is a unique multi-player real time strategy game.

With that said. This is a game I've been working on for a few months now and it is still in development and I'm consistently putting in work to try to get a playable version within' the next month or two.

About the Game

.bits is pretty much your typical real time strategy game. You create your units which in this case are either 1's or 0's you get to choose what one when you create them, these are called bits; you start the game off with 1 bit created already. The goal of the game to wipe out everyone else's bits so your the last one standing.

Each player starts off in their own Room, each room has a terminal and this terminal is used for creating bits and storing data, data is the games main resource, it is used for creating bits and upgrades and building. There is 1 data resource spot in each room. Every room leads to another room that is either unoccupied, or occupied by another player (this depends on how many people are playing). The exits between rooms are blocked off by a barrier, and no one but the owner of the room can walk through it to break the barrier and once you break the barrier it stays broken meaning anyone can then enter in your room from that entrance if the barrier next to it is broken as well. For safety reasons the barrier can't be broken until the rooms terminal is leveled up to level 5.

Each bit has certain properties, these properties determine what that bit does. You decide what properties the bit your creating has in the creation process, and each property you add to the bit costs Data, so to have a bit with more properties it's going to cost more than a bit with less properties. A bit can have a max of 10 properties. The uniqueness comes from being able to mix and match any of these properties when creating a bit, so there are a lot of different combinations which allows for a variety of different bits. But to create a bit, you must have at least 1 of the Gather, Attack, Build, or Repair properties.

At the moment there are 6 properties a bit can have: Speed, Gather, Attack, Defend, Build, Repair

Speed: Speed effects the bits movement speed, the more speed properties the bit has the faster that bit moves around. Speed also very slight increases attack speed (only effective if bit has Attack property).

Gather: Gather gives the bit the ability to gather resources. The more gather properties a bit has the faster that bit will gather resources.

Attack: Attack gives the bit the ability to attack other players bits. The more attack properties a bit has the more damage the bit does and the faster that bit attacks.

Defend: Defend lets a bit take less damage from attacks. The more defend properties a bit has the less damage they take and the more Health they start with.

Build: Build gives the bit the ability to build structures. The more build properties a bit has the faster they can build.

Repair: Repair gives the bit the ability to repair damaged structures as well as heal your injured bits. The more repair properties a bit has the faster they can repair and the more health they restore.

Like I said above, you can mix and match any of these properties when creating a bit. Bits will take priority of their action depending on what properties they have and what is going on around them, for example if you have a bit that has some Gather and Attack properties, that bit can both gather resources as well as attack other bits, the bit first looks to see if there is any enemies around, if there are then Attack property takes priority and the bit will start attacking. But if there are no enemies then the Gather property would take priority and the bit would go and start gathering resources until an enemy came by. You can have a bit with every property if you wanted to. It all depends on what you want to make and if you have the data to make it.

Bits will all do their own thing unless you select them and tell them what to do. Just like typical real time strategy games, to select your bits you just click and drag the mouse to make a selection area and any bit within' the selection box will be selected. When you have bits selected, you can command them to move to specific places just by clicking on the map, as well as command them to do certain things like attack, repair, build, gather, any other stuff as long as the bit as the property to do whatever you are commanding it to do then it will go do it!

That's pretty much what the game is about. If I forgot anything and I remember later on, I'll edit this post.