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Flame Guardian wrote:
I'd rather see BYOND on ios then on a web client. I dream of a day I can make an app or console game with BYOND.

How feasible that is, beats me, probably pretty darn difficult.

Very easy with the webclient as long as a server is hosting it. You can embed the webclient in an HTML5 element which almost all OS's now support. The problem is the webclient isn't standalone so no single-player right now.

In response to Nadrew
Nadrew wrote:
The original idea was to let people tinker with the web-client's source to make their own thin clients in the language of their choice

My vote goes to releasing be web-client source. Not the dart2js-compiled source, but the actual virginal Dart source.

I 100% believe this would be more productive than continued web-client development.

and that's still very possible.

Hi. Can we make this happen? ASAP?
I see the webplayer as the most important aspect BYOND could possibly have.

But only if it "just works" and looks like something people want to play. It doesn't conform to what a modern webgame player should look/act like and is inferior

it never worked with my game anyway
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