Just curious if there's any info about when 512 will be released in a stable version?

I currently have been holding off running 512 because I'd just prefer a stable version to build my games in.

I'd say not too long. 512 has been running quite well for me, if yoi'd like my advise I'd just try 512/begin making the code compatible, it works good enough :)
I'd prefer a stable build before I start messing about with the new features.
Stable is a meaningless label.

512.1435 is stable build

It has less bugs and issues then some "Stable" releases.

On that note, there have been 57 bugs that exist in 511 that are only fixed in 512

So technically speaking 512.1435 is more stable then 511.1385.

Then, why hasn't it been upgraded to the official version? Kinda seems like arguing semantics.
Stable != ready/done.
That's great. But let's stay on topic. I was just curious when / if there was going to be a move for 512 to replace 511 as stable -- not really interested in all the extra.

When 512 is done and ready.
Great. That's all I was looking for , thanks.
Just as an FYI to the people on this thread. I'd like to point out that I took your advice and tried to host the game in 512.

It crashed 100% of the time, usually doing basic operations like feeding audio to player during level transitions.

(This was after I cut the file sizes by making them mono and coverting them to .ogg file type.)

In addition, the web client version, while it worked, did display some discoloration when ran on the same machine. (Both server and client side versions, as I joined the 512 server while running 511 to see what things would be like, then after reverting, I joined a 511 server running 512 pager).

The inability to play was also originating from the server side, resulting from an APPHANG by Dream Daemon.In all instances, no amount of "clean re-installs" of the DLL noted in the error log would fix this issue.

I ended up reverting back to 511.
That does not correspond with any known bugs in 512 that i know of. What version of 512 was it?

If you don't report that bug than it will likely still exist when 512 goes stable.
Been running Spires stable on 512 for a while now.
In response to MrStonedOne
512.1446 Windows Version.
Run on Win 10.