Been posting these in SMWYG, but at this point, it's pretty much just art, so I'll put them here :P

Click for larger image

Edited the skull tower, which I think looks much better, and started working on some hills. Not quite right yet. They look a bit too much like green bubble wrap so far.
Do me a favor? Release one where the border-lines to each hex is like 50% transparent? I love it, but I feel like the border outlines are just popping out way too much.
Technically, there are no border lines. The hexes are just seperated. They don't actually tile perfectly, since the plan is to have the hexes visible, so this is as close as I can get without a lot of editing...
Oh, there's no way to make the outlines transparent? Like having an image below the whole thing and just make the separations transparent?
Nothing easy the way they are set up now. If I decide to readjust them again, I'll figure something out.

I moved the hills up top and I think they are looking better. The stuff around the skull tower is supposed to be swampy/scrub area.
flick u got really good at art
Thanks, I try :) Not nearly as talented or prolific as you, but I can stick an occasional pixel where it goes.

Two different hills up towards the top, and I don't quite like either of them. Any opinions? Same with the three mountain cave entrances at the bottom left. I like both the fenced and unfenced mausoleums as well as the little graveyard.
maybe try a multi tile "layer up" mountain/hill tileset
So, I showed these to my wife:

She said, 'Babe, they look like penises', which made me laugh. So I made this.

"No THESE look like penises"
Somebody has been polishing the crystals again.
That got me like a diamond.
In response to Flick
that artwork is looking pretty cool. keep it up man. (@flick)
Added a church, a farm, a 'druidic circle', and some crystal penes ;)
I think I like this church a little better:
Really beautiful
I like both. A little variation doesnt hurt. Also, I think the skull horns are a little too...thick? for the actual skull.
really hawt
when can i buy it on steam