Bleach Soul Wars

by Zagros5000
Bleach Soul Wars
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- Added Aqua Keyblade and Organization XIII suit to SP shop

- Added tradable Rebirth soul stones - you gain one every rebirth, they significantly increase base stats

- The Battle Broker now only works until level 125

- The default acceleration starting rate has been increased by 1 pixel

- You no longer take damage inside the Shinigami Academy and Karakura School when below level 25

- Rebirthed players have a level cap of 140

- Rebirth has been added - it will reset you back to a level 1 human - you will gain 50% more stat points per level, gain a tradable Rebirthed Soul Stone, but your exp to level will be tripled.

- You can now enter the first layer of hell - killing the NPC there will give you hell souls - in order to Reborn you will need to collect 35 Hell Souls

- The level cap has been increased to lvl 135

- Removed hover from increasing stats

- Fixed issue with KOTH flag glitching from Flashing away

- Now only gain 50 Health per level and 10 Reiryoku. Plus 200 and 40 from the Vitality base increase

- Added new stat, Vitality - increases Health by 200 and Reiryoku by 40

- Defence no longer increases Health or Reiryoku

- Critical Damage soft cap increased from 150% to 175% and hardcap increased from 170% to 195%

- Critical Chance soft cap increased from 30 to 50 and hardcap increased from 40 to 60

- Dexterity no longer effects damage - there is no longer a min-max damage

- Fixed top 10 PvP scoreboard

- Fixed issue with Espada Ranks not swapping properly after Rank Deaths