Dungeon Quest

by Chumble93
A dungeon maze where you fight things to escape.
This is just to let people know that are interested. That the 0.048 update has been getting patched and it is not the same as when it was first released. I just have not been changing the version number, because nothing new really has been added. It's all been just bug fixes and optimizations. To be honest, I have yet to start on the other game mode, or the character customization that I had planned to release at 0.05. The reason behind this is I have been optimizing my current code, because I have been having some issues. I can't really call it lag, but more like a slow down with things running. I think with the help of my buddy Vizzion, We have managed to optimize the code pretty well. So, with that being said I am doing the last bit of scouring the source for things to optimize. Everything is coming along nice and is pretty much the best it's going to get for the moment unless I run across any new more efficient methods of handling things.

My biggest issue at the moment are "for" loops. I've narrowed their search perimeters as much as I can and nothing checks the whole world for anything, but they are still loops and loops can have a bit of overhead with them no matter the effectiveness of the code. I've always been keeping them as short as I can and changing them out for other methods where I can. I am not exactly sure if the 0.05 release will have all of multiplayer released, but at the very least I am going to have the customization portion and the Race to the Finish mode. I will probably start on them tonight and maybe, by tomorrow I will release 0.049 for testing which may include those options and then the 0.05 release will include the bug fixes and any other changes that may need to be made to the systems. Which based on my track record, more than likely there will be changes made. Just kind of how it goes. New feature, new bugs. lol. I try my best not to have them, but they happen. I have been fixing them as I notice them though and kept my eye open for runtimes as well.

Pretty sure that's all I have for the moment. If I think of something else to add I will edit this later. Don't forget to fan the game if you are interested and leave some feedback or bug reports if you could. It makes it a lot easier to fix things when I know the bug exists. Enjoy your evening everyone.