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I'm working on a single-player platformer (using forum_account's resource) where the protagonist is 32x64 and I'm wondering if there's a good way to make it consistent in terms of having both tiles be dense and interact with other atoms appropriately, ie if an enemy projectile hits either tile of "me" it registers rather than only working if it hits the lower half. Or making it such that an opening in a wall must be 2 tiles long for me to fit through. Is some sort of pixel collision the best way to do this? Are there any existing resources that I couldn't find? Thanks for any replies.
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Don't think of it in terms of tiles. Using Forum_account's Sidescroller library, you can simply set the player's pheight to 64, and its physical bounding box will be 64 pixels tall while still being a single object. Of course, the sizes don't need to be exact multiples of 32, either.