Well, it looks like the movement overhaul, or rather the part of it that switched various multi-var situations to use structs, still had a couple of casualties under the hood. Maptext had some issues, and also transformed icon bounds got messed up on the client side, all for similar reasons. So it's been a week of fixes, with two releases to show for it.

Multiple display issues had to be dealt with in 1445, including a resurfacing of some older bugs. Maptext was the hardest hit because of multiple issues that affect it. For instance, using filters like text-shadow expands the maptext, but when it was forced into a KEEP_TOGETHER situation the overflow could get cut off. As I mentioned the struct changes introduced a couple of problems--mainly of the typo variety--and I found a really bizarre issue when I tried to improve the way maptext is cached that turned out to stem from the renderer being in an inconsistent state.

So then Nadrew reported an issue where he had a big icon with KEEP_TOGETHER and a bunch of turfs in its visual bounds, and yet he was getting all kinds of bad results including the whole thing vanishing when he got out of range of the base object. BYOND has code on the server and client that's supposed to compensate for big icons, but on the client end some of that code was outdated and didn't properly work with vis_contents. On top of that, turfs that were in a vis_contents list weren't necessarily held onto by the client when you moved. All of this was an absolute mess to puzzle out.

But all those issues aside, and even though I'm tempting the Friday release curse yet again, I feel pretty good about the latest release. A number of the fixes are from issues I reported, and that's from doing some side work on SotS II by night--mainly for testing purposes but also just to try out some new stuff.

Summer is nearing its end, but that's not so bad, because when the dust of a new term settles, there's no better distraction from studying than playing BYOND games, except making your own BYOND games which is even better still. If you're not a supporter of BYOND yet, or recently, though Membership or donation or Patreon, go shake out that couch and you too can help usher in new features. There's a Patron-only Discord server now for feature discussion and under-the-hood stuff.

Now quick, squeeze out the last bit of summer fun while you can!
Summer never comes for me, sir.
this may have single handedly made me superstitious about releasing anything on a friday.