Hello Readers! Sorry for the week-long delay in the regular post schedule! For users who missed the comment from a few days ago in the prior column, Within BYOND #97 will be posted on August 29th, instead of August 22nd, then the second and fourth Wednesday schedule will tentatively resume! New projects are always interesting, and there are a handful of exciting young games being featured this week, along with many awesome projects that have been featured here previously. Read on to find out!


Overhauling movement has come to an end in the latest beta version of BYOND, with (most) of the known issues packed away, allowing for partial pixel positioning for extra precision and accuracy on server-sided calculations. Layering, bounds, and a few complier issues were dealt with, some of which was expanded upon in the weekly Patreon post (where a Discord channel also has been established for BYOND Patreon supporters). Adding additional filters are on his mind, as pushing BYOND 512 to stable nears ever-closer (and boy, will the 512 feature roundup be crowded!).


With the fall of Zheng Island, the Jianghu Empire has been abandoned and disbanded. Those who remained were assimilated into the Valmasia fraction in Pixel Realm's Spires of Agartha. While the war was under siege, the scholars of the land were also at work, discoving new abilities, like the Gravity Bomb and Venom Dash. The crystal skill tree has been released to the general public, and fog now engulfs the Phantom Forest. I wonder what sort of evil lurks there.

What would a futuristic space station be without holograms, as depicted by one of Bravo1's latest screen captures from Dark Star? And what would happen without new, flashy, and colorful energy weapons and tools to take down whatever weird sort of abomination of nature/science this is? The world may never know...

Chumble93 is on the lookout for players to test out Dungeon Quest, a round-based randomly-generated maze adventure and survival game. Current game modes include Free Explore, Race to the Finish, and Co-Op. In time spent not creating new challenges, him and Vizzion have been optimizing procedures.

Kumorii has released another update for the monster-survival game Feed. Pardon the dust as the lobby is currently being remodeled, Shotguns have been shot, and performance gains have been posted along with smoother boss cutscenes.

Avidanimefan has recently issued a challenge for the ninjas of Kage: Rise of the Tengu to step up and take claim to the available leadership roles throughout the four villages. A new land has been discovered, curiously named Blighted Blades, with a handful of new enemies to combat (with an improved damage dealing algorithm) and weapons to discover. Next up on the studies is mastering the second of three great ninja powers: Designing awesome crop circles... with fire!

Vizzion is seeing binary in his current in-development project, .bits! The gameplay echos that of a real time strategy game, where units, 1s or 0s, carry out various tasks, from collecting Data to build more units, to combating and placing enemies into a null state. Bits have variable attributes that can be mixed-and-matched to create strategic combinations, and a playable release is expected within the next few months.

A status update for Fallen Legends was issued by Mecha Destroyer JD this past week, shedding some light on recent changes in personal game development philosophy. The real-time battles of the game are being swapped out for a hybrid between turn-based combat and card-based combat, trading out the repetitiveness of taking turns for quick-draw randomness. He also explored new parts of the world, and discarded older ones, while continuing his search for a free direct-link file host.

Ichizoku is the name of Orange55's latest project, created with the goal of being a skill-based guild conflict battler! The basic support systems have been fleshed out, players can move around, chat with one another, mess with screen settings, and join a guild. Inventory management exists, user interface buttons can be found on-screen, and clothing customization is complete with color.

Taint_thewizard has been polishing portions of the latest rendition of Avalon. The game now resizes to cover the entire screen, and the battle process has been made smoother. There is currently at least one town to explore, and a quest to go with it.

Allied Nations has returned to development after a hiatus, with Deviant Coder joining Godsring on the development staff! The come-back brings new optimizations to the table and resolves a handful of bugs related to lighting and back-end handing.

Back to the six-sided figures, whose definition of appearance was recently called into question, is Flick! I'm not sure if there's an actual game behind the screenshots he posts, but they are really far too pretty to pass over without a mention.

BYOND Resources

  • Are you managing your resources, or are your resources managing you? If it is the former, Deviant Coder's GResource might help set the record straight.
  • Atoms not appearing like they are suppose to? Check out Deviant Coder's GVisual library for some handy procs.
feed looks a lot different now than it did in the past. xD
In response to Orange55
Orange55 wrote:
feed looks a lot different now than it did in the past. xD

low-key the best action game on BYOND. B)
just wait until i share what's been under works for this years Feed Halloween Event. (: