by Maximus_Alex2003
Interface-based edit command demonstration.
Version 2.1 is getting an entire overhaul. Soon I'll be able to release this as a full standalone library for public use. I just want to polish things a bit first.

The appearance has changed and is now more portable. If a certain feature request gets approved it would make things much more plug'n'play. If it doesn't get approved I'll have to make a tutorial to show users how to make a replica of the interface window.

As always, I'm open to suggestions, comments, criticism.

My future goals:
+Completely plug'n'play, no tweaking or incompatibility issues.
+Have both an Editor and a Creator all-in-one package so you can edit atoms and create atoms on the fly.

+A very bold goal but achievable: Have the Editor as a remote-control client instead of needing to have the library installed. There would just be code users need to include in their projects and the Editor will act as a client instead of being fully into the project. Although this is possible, current BYOND networking limits would cause a delay between transactions. This is not really a goal, but just a design concept I may introduce. It would also include a server manager to remote-control shutdown, restart, etc.

Here's a preview of the v2.1 interface: