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This link above is a GIF I recorded with a problem I'm dealing with while Hosting with Dream Daemon. There are areas where you walk through smoothly, but certain areas lag skip like shown above. It happens in different areas different times. Can it be slow upload speed while hosting? Can it be some sort of map settings I've heard about on Dream Maker? Or maybe a coding?

If anyone has experience similar issue to this, and Solved the problem, please contact me. Big thanks and it'd be a big help.

Moved from Beta Bugs to Developer Help for several reasons.

1) You marked the version as 511. If the issue was in 511 and this doesn't pertain specifically to the webclient, it's a regular bug and not a beta bug.

2) There is no information included to reproduce the issue. In fact the bug report template was left out completely. If I were to try to investigate this as a bug report, I would need a test project and more information.
Apologies, thanks, didn't know where to post this so I posted somewhere.
To be clear I wouldn't rule out a bug, but there's just such a paucity of information to go on.
Best response
I've had this bug before. Does your game have savable objects on the map? The problem was that 1 of the objects would re-stack its overlays each reboot, until it ended up with 100s of overlays. So whenever it appeared on screen a big lag spike would happen.
Muhuhu, did you write a code to search for duplicate objects on the same time to erase them?
I may have found my issue. I have yet to confirmed. But I do appreciate these responses. We all learn something new every day. I've tried having objects save on the map but my lord I'd rather not go through the loading process again. It just takes longer to load. Too much.