Are you a developer or artist looking for exposure or feedback? If so, you're encouraged to check out the Ratt City Discord! Ratt City is a diverse community of artists and developers from various backgrounds and professions. Painters, Programmers, Musicians, 3D Modelers, Photographers --- all are welcome regardless of experience. This community exists to help creatives connect with like-minded peers, share their creations, and grow as artists and people. (plus you can meet new faces that aren't strictly from the BYOND micro-sphere!)

Own an original game?
You can get a featured channel to showcase and advertise your game to the masses at absolutely no cost! The Indie Corner already includes professional and amateur titles - so why isn't yours there?

We also hold regular art jams for all art mediums to participate in as well as a myriad of other weekly events. It's fun and constructive, positive and supportive; what do you have to lose? Join the Rattpack!