Hello, to all the BYOND community. This is a little introduction as to who i am, and my purpose here.

Im Divor as you all may know by now and I come in peace.. No seriously, game base just isnt what it use to be anymore. So im here lingering through out most of the day just checking the games list looking for those classics.. One day just maybe.
Mean while i figured id single handedly upgrade these games one line at a time lol.
Yes, im in business.
If you need any programming done, if you need bugs fixed, if you need interface awesomeness, im your guy.

I excel in these areas, i can icon also but its not my thing.
With all that being said if you need any of the listings, I am for hire. Prices will be negotiated.
What ever you need I can do it.
contact me via this post (pager) or
Discord : Divor#7304
Aren't you like 3 years too late for an introduction?