Does anyone else seem to notice the high amount of drama running around BYOND right now? Between a few of my friends whom I know online it isn't much better.

Does the internet do this to people? I rarely argue with my friends in real life. In fact, if it's an 'argument', it is usually more of a debate. On here it tends to be full fledged hate.

I think everyone needs to go on vacation and cool their jets.
The anonymity of the internet.

Sometimes I block (msn) my best friends (in real life) because we are so hostile to eachother online.
Yes,the interneet is very stressfull. I got a girl friend on the internet,she was so sweet,and kind...'till...she admitted she.....does illegel drugs...
I yelled at her...And she started criticizing me...Telling me I was a goody two shoes...and she treated me like the bad guy...I dumped her...And she sent an email saying she was about to kill herself...soon after..someone emailed me very dirty things saying i killed her...Soon,he said he stole her password,telling me all those lies..soon,he admitted that she was Jenni trying t get me back...Would you believe the stuff she said in this emails that she sent when he was that guy...I hate her even more now...And i dumped her again...put her in my block messags list...And...I hate her...
Yeah man. Everyones all targeting me :(.
HMPH! if you ask me,everyone'ss targeting me! The other day,I was ambushed by a group of thugs! And i lost my 100$ father gave to them...UGH.People disguist me sometimes...
Ummmm......I wanna add something here to, if y'all don't mind. I kinda agree with Elation. Being anonymous for some people means being a jackass, or spamming games just because you are bored, or being totally expressive of your opinions that seem to offend some people just beacuse of the diffrent people you will find here. I can't type in the words to a song just because someone doesn't like that type of music and they wanna say something like "(Insert genre here) sucks. So stfu" or something like that and it's like what the hell is up with some people? Some thing are better left unsaid....
*Raises his hand*
Does that make me weird because anonymity makes it easier for me to be nice to other people I meet online? Most people offline view me as cold and solitary but apparantly I'm quite a ball with people who get used to me online. :)
Sarm: You're just a loser.

Actually, I'm extremely uncomfortable with talking about myself and my problems. I have only one friend in real life who I feel I can trust enough to talk about things like that, and a few on here. So, anonymity can be a good thing as well I guess.

I also think Elation is right. "They don't know it's me, so what's the harm!"
I agree with DarKStaRBlazeR on the fact that some things are better left unsaid. Some people on the other hand, just have the biggest mouth in the world and don't care what they say or have said. I use the old "What if I was in thier shoes" policy. I figure if it somehow offends me in some way, I am 100% sure it will either offend my best of friends or even some other person whom I don't even know. I guess it's more of a "Think before you act" type thing. I'm just glad to live the life I have now, and greatful for the friends and family that has raised me to be what I am today. Couldn't do it without them.
*Notices James removed him from his contact lists* Oh, I see how it is.
No I didn't, Chad.

Josh, that is true sometimes. Some people will take offense to things you will find entirely fine. Your correct that it's better to be safe than sorry, though.
BYOND drama... *sigh*

When you're having such silly drama with people you know only from online, that's when you know you need to get out more often.

I hope to god new people comming to BYOND don't see this dumb drama, they'd be turned away from BYOND if they did.