Dungeon Quest

by Chumble93
A dungeon maze where you fight things to escape.
Fully Function Fireball
Overhauled Projectile System
New Stat Handling
Overhauled Mob Handling
New Effect System
New damage formula for all forms of attack.
Cooldowns are now in effect. Around 10 seconds for projectiles

The new stat system is way easier to work with than the way I was handling things. I made Stats their own datum and just access their values now instead of using an associative list. The list overall was a terrible idea for stats.

Player Mobs and NPC mobs are now completely separate entities.They share only 7 variables and act completely independent of one another.

When I first released the 0.051 test server fireball was broken and did damage to you then deleted instead of flying forward and hitting something. That has been fixed and now Fireball works as it should of in the first place.

For projectiles I still have yet to fix projectiles being able to hit NPCs at point blank range. When I do fix this, I am considering an AOE effect that includes the player for projectiles such as fireball. What I mean is if a player shoots off a fireball at point blank they will take a small bit of damage from being within the blast radius.

The effect system will only work with elemental skills for the moment. The only elemental skill currently available is fireball. When a fireball hits an enemy it has a 50% chance of catching the target on fire for up to 10 seconds dealing between 1 and 2 damage per second. My next effect I intend to add on will be an electric effect that will come with the Lighting Beam skill. I had originally intended to include the Lightning Skill with this update but with everything it was just a lot to do and I figured I would just save it for the next update.

Cooldowns have been implemented since the first release, they were just broken and I seen no hurry to fix them. They are now fixed and will affect the player now.

Aside from the Lightning Beam and Lightning effect that I will be adding in the next update, I considering expanding upon the Free Mode and having the Free Mode be completely independent with it's own map that is separated from the base game map. This would allow me to have a larger map size just for the free mode.

The last thing I am going to cover for this post is my consideration of having a destructible environment. I messed around with dividing all the walls up into 4 sections and giving them a health var, however upon loading up the game it did not handle having 4 objs per wall very well. It felt laggy and bogged down. I have not given up on this idea, just may have to do it in a more generic way. Instead of dividing each wall into 4 individual objects I will just have the wall be 1 obj with a health var. This method would be a last resort. I am really looking for a way to do this the other way and not lag my game ridiculously.

I am considering all of this for the next major update just to clarify. By major I mean around 0.06. All major updates will be released incrementally like this. Minor updates will have a sub number like 0.051.Minor updates will mostly be bug fixes and small tweaks and small features. Possibly skills like this one introduced fireball. Minor updates may also include small sub systems like effects was also added in the 0.051 update. All core changes will be released with a major update typically. This time being an exception.

If anyone has any features they would like to see in game or suggestions,I highly encourage you to make a post on the hub forum under Feature Request. As with any bug reports please post them in the Bug Reports section.

Also if anyone would like to donate any artwork it would be most appreciated. I have been just gathering free resources from different places on BYOND such as IconShare and the forum.