ADMIN: was banned for 1440 minute(s) for the following reason: OOCly running from and denying a fight without proper reason.

I got banned recently because I didn't want to fight against a group of alts in the game. After I reluctantly agreed and fought them, I left after the fight and was banned because I didn't want to keep fighting them. Yet, alts being in the same party is a bannable offense, moreso when one of them has gear made for powerleveling others.

The post about this is here

There were no RP rules about being banned in the links that the game provided, I didn't even have a chance to say anything or was contacted by a GM.

You'd have to take that up with the author(s) of the game. BYOND doesn't handle these types of things.
Besides what Nadrew has said, looks like your issue has already been discussed and resolved in the link you provided.