So over the past two years or so I have barely been on BYOND due to some rather extreme personal life matters, but lately I've gotten things under control and the more I dig back in the more I wonder... What all is new? What have I missed? I skimmed a couple announcements and Within BYOND, but it seems to take a lot of digging around to figure out.

Anyone feel like summarizing, and discussing what I have missed? I used to know all the majorly popular games, where BYOND was at with Steam/Standalone, and all the hype-worthy games in development. Now all I'm even somewhat current with is Dream Maker.

I've definitely missed following things here. I'm just glad things Seem to be going well.
Basically just catch up on the Within BYOND series by Higoten. If you're a developer, just keep a watch out for 512 releases and bug fixes. That's basically the only relevant information you'll need.
Features-in-brief posts:

508-510 features in brief
511 features in brief

There is no FIB post for 512 yet as it's not finalized, but the 512 beta has been going quite a while and the new features are pretty extensive. For now I'd suggest checking out the 512 release notes.

The Cliff Notes version of 512's features is that it adds some serious expansions to the language itself, major upgrades to display capabilities, and optimizations.
Thanks that looks like a solid start. I'm pretty impressed with all the changes I've already seen in Dream Maker, and I am looking forward to seeing what people have been doing with it.

I'd almost started with Within BYOND, but I noticed there wasn't much change in the games page so I thought people might of ventured outside the site more since the standalone/webclient. Especially given some hints I've seen at a patreon, and discord existing now.