by Kaiochao
A collection of useful code files.
Includes a selection of other libraries to offer a useful clean starting point for any game.

Requires BYOND 512.

See KaioCode Demos for demos.

- 2D vectors: /vector2, supports operators and interacts with /matrix
- Pixel Movement helpers: /atom/movable gets PixelMove, PixelSlide, PixelMoveTo
- Pixel Positions for getting bounding box info: /atom gets Width, Height, Lower/CenterPosition world coordinates
- Mouse Position for tracking the position of the mouse in the screen and in the world: /client gets mouse_position which has Position, WorldPosition, and more
- Any Macros and Mouse Buttons for tracking the states of keyboard/gamepad/mouse buttons: /client gets macros and mouse_buttons which have the [button] "button is pressed" operator
- and more.
great library