Hello Readers! Be sure to check the BYOND forums frequently, as you'll never know when users like Konlet will begin a BYOND Membership giveaway, celebrating accomplishments like his new occupation in a new city (in a new non-flooded apartment... on second thought, most people don't bring their old homes to a new city anyhow.), offering up to 25 three-month memberships for anyone who replied before the conclusion of yesterday. Twenty recipients responded, and twenty memberships were purchased, netting Konlet additional publicity on the BYOND Membership page as a top ranked most generous of all-time donator!


BYOND Developer Lummox JR is prepping for his 17th BYOND anniversary this week (September 1st) and he's been exterminating several bugs that keep creeping in and out of hiding. But while not playing with the string table, hiding edges on transforms, and digging though SS13, he's been working up a wish list of new features for BYOND 513 and for the more technically inclined, a bytecode explanation of a recent constant while() condition optimization is pushed and popped over at Patreon.


Bravo1 is exploring the nightlife in Dark Star with his latest screenshots. New monsters, when illuminated share a rough appearance with the falling spikes from Mario, but way more aggressive. But what could be hiding in the fog that has drifted in? Perhaps it's just a subtle way to link to his new Patreon page.

Orange55 has been bringing the appearance of Ichizoku up to snuff, while also preparing for combat! A new player icon, bundled with clothing, shoes, and hair-dos has replaced the prior placeholder, and a number of other graphics were also improved. Over in the newly enclosed town, a hospital has been built, while not currently accepting new patients, will be the go-to place when wounds get too deep.

Psiforged has resumed production in BYOND after a foray into Game Maker. Moving back in, Ginseng has been working on upgrading user interfaces, controlling the weather, and researching new ways to train charaters. Future plans include a Kickstarter campaign, a stand-alone executable, and a Steam release. Keep up on their Discord for the latest.

Czoaf has been overseeing progress on 9Oceans Online. The latest from their Discord channel shows a handful of flaming hot skills being used to take down a few slimes. The games goal is to have a large world to explore, interactive storyline, and an end-game focus on PVP. An initial public release has been set for the end of the month.

KuroChi recently released plans for his project, Angels vs Demons. The open-world game sides players on the two extremes of good and evil, challenged with building towns and cities on Earth, while defending their homelands and overtaking the opposers. There are a handful of skills that can be trained, and abilities to be learned, and ranks to be obtained.

Eidolon has been involved with a number of raids and wars lately in Pixel Realm's Spires of Agartha! I'm not sure of the results of any of thoses conflicts, but from their Discord channel, I do know of a few new skills that have been discovered. Earth magic users can now trigger a Rockslide against their enemies, jumping allows strong characters to skip up to ten spaces away, magic doors means that homeowners no longer need a key to enter their own home, and a handful of other skills have been adjusted!

Ganite is showing off his skills in the initial dev-log for SwordCraft. Fire, lighting, ice, and illusion skills are all demonstrated. Additionally, a minimap for Magnolia city is displayed and reputation can be gained by completing missions and capturing areas, and then be taken to the stake in a one-on-one PVP battle, with the champion claiming the glory.

Live playtesting for Pondera was held last week. AERProductions fills us in on the launch of Story mode and building mode. While live playtesting doesn't seem to be currently living, some versions of the game are available for download on the Demo page.

KA_Stokes is looking to take his Fantasy world of Mystrica from paper to program, and has put out a call of help in doing so. The futuristic world sets itself where magic and technology co-exist and conflict begins when an attempt is made to use magic to eliminate organized criminal activity throughout the galaxy. Players will be charged with selecting a side, while building their own characters and empires. Currently an outline of game mechanics has been created, along with lore and wiki pages.

Projectiles are now flying around correctly in Chumble93's Dungeon Quest. Fireball conjuration no longer murders the caster, cooldowns keep the flames from getting too hot to handle, and there's a chance the target may get burned. Lighting is ready to be controlled as well. Some backend changes were documented, destructible environmentals were tested, and new interfaces have been added.

The Allied team over at Allied Nations has squashed a number of bugs in their most recent update, named Soulgem. Dragons and spiders discovered and complained their loss of movement hindered their ability to be a threat, and some items had issues with interactions. Find out the latest news instantly on their Discord.

Feed is on its way to bigger and better places as Kumorii mentions in his latest update log for the action-shooter. The current project is gluing together every single map that Feed has ever encountered, and aptly named the Ratt City Graves (holding the namesake of the developer community he established) with a wide variety of exploration paths for the players to take. The geographical changes also prompted a revisit to how enemies are spawned, and plans for the Halloween Feed update were mentioned.

BYOND Resources

  • Kaiochao has updated and compiled their movement-related code into KaioCode! Demos are included for a handful of mobile scenarios.
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