Wow! Build 512.1448 seems to be pretty stable so far, judging by the lull in bug reports (although maybe that's the college folks getting back into the grind). I think the nastier issues that persisted after 1447 have finally been put to bed.

This week I decided to do something stupid, which was getting started on something major I'd like to attempt for version 513. To that end I created a new branch of the code and started work on changing a crapload of stuff on the frontend, beginning with the byondwin library. This was incredibly annoying to deal with, but the big takeaway was that I discovered something important: I needed a good string class that I could use, not only as a drop-in replacement for one that's used all over the frontend (and in a lot of cases I think I'll switch to that), but also because the backend needed that too.

Why am I not using std::string, you ask? Well, it's a long story, and that story involves a decision--that I believe was the right call--that we really didn't want to add yet another whole way of doing things into the code. The standard template libraries come with both good and bad, and Tom and I chose not to move in that direction.

But now that I have a shiny new string class, one that can use shared buffers when grabbing a copy so there isn't a lot of pointless churn, I have to use it. I knew we were using static variables way too much, but hoo boy have I discovered a bunch of things that needed this. I've redone a lot of the config code and I'm working through the utilities to make use of this as well. This is a pretty big refactor, only this one I'm doing in the 512 code. The stuff I did for 513 is mostly a separate issue. I think it's the right call to do this now in 512.

And the practical upshot is, no Friday-curse release!

Huge thanks to all our Members, donors, and supporters on Patreon. I'd especially like to thank Konlet for doing another Membership giveaway this month. You guys keep this project going.

That's it for now! Enjoy Labor Day weekend, weather permitting. My BYONDiversary is tomorrow, and I have more Fair food on the menu to celebrate.
I'm glad to see steady progress, Lummox. I've stepped out for awhile now, but it's always good to come back and see what you've been working on. Keep up the good work!
Got a lot of respect and appreciation for your work ethic and efforts. Cannot wait to see what you come up with next!
When will we get customizable interfaces that allow transparency for certain windows, or labels and etc? Lol