My BYOND Pager is not working right, im logged under my account but when I go to play a game it says im using a guest key. I have reinstalled byond several times, I have install byond beta, I have installed older versions of byond, I have allowed all byond programs through my firewall, I have forwarded ports 53846 in my router settings, I have restarted my PC, I have done what I feel like is everything.

Since there is barely any games that allow guest keys im pretty much unable to play anything (especially the games im here to play). I am unsure what to do at this time and since I can't get any admins to allow my guest key I guess I don't get to play BYOND(Have been playing BYOND for a long time). I also tried creating a new account completely on here(This current account) and still not getting anywhere.

I am using windows 10, browser I am using is Edge/Chrome. I have also tried launching the game from my browser instead of the BYOND client.
For your firewall, did you allow the BYOND programs to access both the public and private network? If they don't have access to the local network, Dream Seeker and the pager can't communicate to confirm your identity.