Hello Readers! IainPeregrine has stepped up and is hosting Game in a Day 2018, and the event kicks off early September 15th this year! So keep an eye out on that thread for the topic release, then click open Dream Maker, and churn out the best game you can (within the single day deadline!) Top prize is $50 with lesser prizes available for second and third place.

Crazah has taken up a position in the BYOND Reddit page, conducting a bit of house cleaning, sprucing up the content, and starting a weekly showcase thread. Check it out!


Lummox JR has been laying the groundwork for a long-requested featured for BYOND 513, full UTF-8 support. While for English speakers, such an improvement is largely unnoticeable, other languages will find the ability to use non-English characters a definite plus. He covers some of the headwinds in the latest Patron posts. In other news, BYOND 512 is becoming more stable, with a few more crash conditions resolved, and a compiler profiler profiling the compiler is on the radar.


Orange55 has posted the latest development news for Ichizoku, Well, that's the name at the time of this posting anyhow, as there is an open poll to change the name. While the present-day name still leads in the voting, the game itself has not remained so static, with map expansions, combat systems, and user interface updates all being pushed recently. The latest pre-alpha files are available on the hub page for download!

The first cave in Avalon is now ready to be explored! Taint_thewizard fills us in on how the inn is now open for business, the local merchants have received a shipment of equipment to sell, and battles are ready to go!

Ginseng has been enduring the weather in Psiforged! During the initial testing, lightning during a rainstorm came as an expected hazard, but now that snow and sand storms are in the mix, characters have an opportunity to train their ability to endure and survival in such conditions, while also draining health. However, the real test is during a Psionic storm, where forceful changes in gravity can occur. What's the purpose of all this intense training? Find out soon on the game's Discord Channel.

Villager's Dream is drifting closer to a reality! The medieval roleplaying/survival game features a series of round-based modes, like Dynasty, Empires, and Survival. Additionally, the game possesses several skills to master, creepy monsters to dispel, many races to choose from, and a wide world to build, craft, and write lore within. Keep tabs on their progress though Discord, Pateron, and Reddit!

BYOND's Gangsta has posted a quick teaser about the status of the puppet clan in Conflict. But that puppet in the picture is huge; just imagine the gantry needed to control it!

Evi of au has crept back into our community, and has brought with him a revival of a BYOND classic, Castle! For those not familiar with the game that consumed quite a few hours of my youth, Castle, originally by Abra, was a tower defense game where players placed and upgraded units to take down the waves of monsters assaulting the castle gates. The rebirth brings the game out of the BYOND 3.5 era and improved player experience.

Orange55 took a 48 hour recess from his main project to work on a derivative project called Fortress, where players are challenged to defend the central statue from endless hordes of monsters for as long as possible. Presently, all the king has sent to defend with is a bunch of half-naked farmers with a handful of stones, so... good luck!

Czoaf held a public testing session for 9Oceans Online this past week! A number of bugs were shored up, and next up are more powers, levels, and weapons. Watch out for their next testing session on their Discord Page.

Bugs have been targeted by Godsring over the last several version increments of Allied Nations. Pulling from their Discord Channel, Players no longer ghost though walls, NPCs have been educated, and better pathfinding has been found. Optimizations to various parts of the game save on CPU cycles, and with all these speed-ups, players and NPCs now have the ability to run.

Minor correction: I'm not adding a compiler profiler. I actually want to do profiling of the compiler myself, to figure out where the slow spots are.
Presently, all the king has sent to defend with is a bunch of half-naked farmers with a handful of stones, so... good luck!

This is horribly accurate :(

...for now.
Byond's Gangsta*

Appreciation nonetheless
For the second time this year, a tree in the front lawn (I'll run out of trees sooner or later) has knocked out power (and telephone/Internet) to my home, so Within BYOND #99 is being delayed until those utilities are restored (hopefully later today or tomorrow!)

On the upside, no telephone marketer interruptions for a bit. Or any distractions at all, really.
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The trees are very determined to stop within BYOND at any cost - including self sacrifice. A giant cotton wood creaking with rage collapsed on the cable line, destroying any hope for an on time release...

Riot, I want to see the new byond announcenent >:U

Byond's Gang$ta
We want the new BYOND Within!! Or we RIOT!!!