by Orange55
Command a fortress and survive for as long as possible.
v 2.0 release goals
  • New allied units, new enemy units.
  • Rework fortress, ally and enemy graphics.
  • Add RTS style commands over your troops
  • Introduce an enemy commander that reacts to your decisions and makes smarter wave choices.
  • Add a library of sound effects and music to the game.
  • Add a custom HUD display ; get away from verb panels.
  • Completely rework the round system to integrate timers w/ hud display
  • Add new effects like blood splats and particles.
  • Add the option to modify, expand and upgrade your fortress.

Let's talk about fortress

On tuesday, I commited to expanding Fortress into it's own title. Today, I would like to share some information regarding what that actually means.

First off, I will be releasing the expanded game in one big update. There will be no small releases in between now and v2.0 - this is so that I can rapidly iterate without worrying about breaking anything.

Secondly, I am planning on releasing v2.0 within a month; I do not have a specific date in mind, but I would like to see it ship within a month.

Lastly, I have already begun work on 2.0 and it's already starting to feel much better than the prototype.