Colored Core

by Orange55
Defend your color against other colors.
Colored Core is finally done....
...I feel like I just got done playing "game development crunch time simulator 2018".

This was my first GiaD competition - and tonight was perhaps my most productive development session in awhile - but also quite stressful. Trying to ship something in one sitting (at best, two.) is a challenge. I'm honestly surprised I was able to stitch something together as fast as I did.

Here's hoping I'll get a decent placement. In the meantime, feel free to give it a try (pro tip : use the 'zip' download link)

Until next time,
Congrats! I've still got 12hrs left to go, and I'll need every second of it v_v

...What time zone are you in?
In response to IainPeregrine
I got your entry, but you realize you still have 12hrs + 20min, right? I think I've got that time correct.
In response to IainPeregrine
game in a day + update in a day?
That works :)
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Time to break out the coffee...
Or just sleep. You've got a complete game, after all.
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Might as well polish up a few more things. and try to make it a bit nicer. (assuming your willing to accept an updated entry before deadline)
Yeah, just reply to the same email so they stay together. I accept the very last entry sent, so don't break anything in your update.
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