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Problem description:
So for some reason I have objs and mobs disappearing on some clients and reappearing for seemingly no reason. It may be invisible on one client, and visible on a completely separate client. There's no invisibility vars being set or anything of that nature.

The bullets flying diagonally down-right at the visible player (from that player's perspective) are coming from another player that is seemingly invisible on this player's screen.

I'm unsure as to what other information to give here. If you require further information, please don't hesitate in asking.
Could it be that they're layering behind the background?
There's no reason why they should be. They're doing it for seemingly no reason on one player's screen, and on another player's screen, they're visible just fine.

And even if they were layering behind the background, there's still no reason why they should as the MOB and OBJ layers are higher than BACKGROUND and TURF layers.
I've had that happen on my game occasionally.

Usually happens when the players have been logged in for a while.

I've also had it where, instead of going invisible, some icons would be randomly replaced by other icons in the game or even fragments of another icons where the individual movement frames aren't from the same icon or even whole icons, just a small chunk of one.

It seems like its either a cache or a memory issue. Relogging fixes it. I've checked the vars on things when it happens and there's nothing changing their icons and they dont appear that way to every player at once.
Are u using the beta client? Lummox fixed a lot of issues related to this issue in the beta
What's weird is it doesn't persist or anything. It happens every so often and I have no idea why. I don't get it to the extent you do though.

I'll have to try out the beta then. Thanks for the input. If it persists into the beta, then I'm not sure what to do from there.