Mega Man Galaxy X

by Raenath
Mega Man Galaxy X
Multiplayer MMX with class-based gameplay
Live updates posted on MGXs Discord

Build v2.0a

Sept 2018

A rather big update once again. Were showing off new characters, stages, and modes! Game server is up 24/7 for playtesting.

€š Instant Action Arena: Gate's Lab
€š Three new characters: Zero, Axl, and Dynamo
€š Updated life bar and portrait based on character
€š Dueling mode (3 lives), includes a life counter and life bar for opponent
€š Character select screen
€š Saber reflecting projectiles

€š Redesigned window frame that makes resizing feel simple and intuitive
€š Hit sparks when dealing damage to opponents

Plenty of other undocumented changes

Now live on the hub!

Build v1.0a

Late-Aug 2018
2018-09/Raenath-0001/ 5DF0CE5B-D1F4-411F-B137-69588E8B1164.jpeg
2018-09/Raenath-0001/ 8713C597-56CC-4DC5-A287-E9473057F258.jpeg

Build v1.5.1pa

August 2018
€ššššš Added in the Mettaur NPC code (incomplete)
€ššššš Adjusted parameters of the movement vars to more feel more like the later X-style of gameplay rather than the style of the original X games
€ššššš Updated base icon to X4 version (permanent)
€ššššš Added MM state for stage appearance

Small update to optimize some control values. It looks and feels a tad different.

Build v1.5pa

Mid-July 2018
Reworked entire collision system to be more precise / got rid of the BYOND collision system; we can now have custom collision in all cardinal directions (this helps for platforms that we can jump through the bottom but not fall through when standing on them).
NOTE: collision box is not changing on jump / dash, I won't implement that until I have the official icons to save time (no use doing this for a placeholder icon).

Cleaned up dashing mechanic works on ledges and jumping + collisions. Removed dashing bug when falling on ledge yet Megaman continues to walk.

Implemented mass in the physics engine (which affects slipping / force calculations). For now, every object has a mass of 1, this is consistent with the Megaman X games, however if we want unique bosses / objects that have different effects with the environment, we can change the mass of them.

Implemented Coefficient of Friction in physics engine, you can now have objects, floors, roofs, walls and any PHYSICS object that are slippery / sticky.

Implemented slipping / sticking mechanic for objects that are slippery / sticky (in-built with the physics engine)

Fixed dashing, you have a maximum dash time, but just like the original games, if you release the dash button too soon, you will lose your dash. (Requires Feedback, how many frames should a complete dash go for?)

Improved jumping as it is the in later X games. When dashing and jumping without pressing any horizontal movement, you will jump straight up. When dashing and jumping with pressing the horizontal movement, you will jump in a parabolic arc.

Implemented wall sliding (Requires feedback for the default freeze length when first wall sliding)

Implemented wall kicking (Requires feedback for the default jump length)

Added a few more debug controls.

Plan for v1.5a

July 2018
Wall Sliding [Complete]
Wall Jumping [Requires feedback]
Improved Camera Controls [Zoom in / out + smooth camera movement on edges]
Extra Debug Controls
Improved Physics System [Reworked Collisions]

Build v1.4a

Base framework June 2018
Lots of bug fixes with dashing + other mechanics and physics
Implemented basic wall sliding, I need input, its very buggy right now and I have not implemented dash sliding, I just need some input on how it should work before I continue.
Implement music but not added in this build due to file size