Nisekiyo: Transient Faith

by GameMaster85
Guardian spirit by your side, we wish you a safe trip to the world of Nisekiyo.

"A one way trip to Nisekiyo, with your Guardian Spirit as your tour guide to this unknown world. A world where it's reality is only comprehensible by what's seen through the Spyglass, and ultimately something far magical. - This is the world you are heading into. Perhaps out of a reckless desire for adventure, ambition bordering on thoughlessness, or a gift of love that burns like lava. Whatever the reason for coming to Nisekiyo, your Guardian Spirit will guide you, and I wish you luck on this journey."

An adventure MO game with a surrounding mystery to discover and a tcg-like combat system. This game is a project aimed at a goal of creating a more game-feel byond game as well as testing my design with the MO environment.

The game is currently in a DEMO phase, and at any point a server may be hosted in an unfinished state. Please note that any hosted gameplay during this stage is definitely not complete and is subject to change. Thank you.

Due to the early stages of development, features of the game are not yet listed. Until it is time, I will list them here to be displayed.

Thank you, and I truly wish you a place in this mysterious world of Nisekiyo.