Im 99% sure the answer would be no but im going to ask anyway. Would putting DM on a resume for a programming job be good idea?

(Some info if you need it or not idk):
Im currently majoring in computer science and I want a language to put on my future resume for employers to see. Im interested in learning Java due to the capabilities with AI but I don't got any money for books(college books made me broke af) or Udemy lessons so idk if there are any free alternatives online for learning Java. Ty in advance
I put DM on my resume. Most people won't know what it is, but it is a programming language that I'm proficient with, and being well-rounded with multiple programming languages never hurts.
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Oh yeah true since byond is dying at this point xD. People won't know what it is and if I somehow make a great game(highly doubt) using byond, it would boost my chances of succeeding probably.
i also include it in the "extra skills/trades" section of my resume. It may be niche but it's something i'm proficient with and can reflect well as a logistics trait.

That and if they don't know what it is, it just makes it seem like you're the type to learn all sorts of niche stuff, so it's a win-win honestly.
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Never thought of that wow. Thank you. That gave me motivation to learn DM
I haven't ever, but I imagine you could put it under a 'Hobbies and Interests' type section kinda like Kumorii says near the end.

I'd probably phrase it as "Indie game projects" or something though, as opposed to specifically referencing DM / BYOND. Purely just because that seems like a better hook for a talking point than some acronyms the interviewer probably won't know.