Hello Readers! Alright, so without delaying this column of Within BYOND any longer (a tree and prior commitments have done a good enough job of that already!) the latest from game developers around BYOND can be found below! Umm... on second thought, someone should probably figure out what BYOND Within is and send it over to Kumorii before he rallies the incoming riot any further!

The Game in a Day 2018 came to a close a few weeks ago! Three entrants were able to complete the challenge within the single-day timeframe, and IainPeregrine recently announced that results are now set to be posted next weekend, with a last moment non-prize-eligible entry being casted as well. Congratulations to those who created games!


Lummox JR made a trek up north last week, enduring the Canadian coolness and snapping a quick shot of an inverted rainbow. Back at BYOND however, no new release was issued publicly for the entire month of September! However, in the background, big changes have been made to the backend, and some private testing has been ongoing with some of BYOND's biggest stress-testers (aka SS13). The low-down on the backend changes to buffers and hashtables can be found over at Patreon.


In an unexpected implosion from the caverns of Nyeshk, it appears that the Queen of Demons has returned to the realm of the living, and is bringing darkness to the Spires of Agartha once again. Perhaps it is the recent declarations of war and destruction that have prompted her return? After the rubble settled, changes to many spells and skills had been reported. Special food that allowed Daemons to grow in power had also been devised.

Long horse Giraffe crossings should be carefully watched out for in FEED, as Kumorii demonstrates the ability to ride tamed mounts around in his latest postings, such as the washing machine featured in the photo to the right. While he's also quaking in his shoes for the yearly Halloween update, buttons will have to take away the stress, as pushing them will open new locations about the map.

Ascension Chronicles Reckoning is the name of the game that Fat Albert has recently released teaser art for. The artwork featured is eight-directional player and monster character models! A demo is currently in development and has been hinted as being released in the next dev-log, so stayed tuned!

Nisekiyo: Transient Faith is an up-and-coming roleplaying game, where players are tasked with gaining skill and experience while exploring and building the lore around the world of Nisekiyo. The game's combat system is a hybrid between a skill-based RPG model mixed with the strategy and unpredictability found in a trading card game. Find out more and keep up on the latest though their Discord Channel.

Commander Orange55 has laid out the floor plans for the Fortress! New recruits are expected to give the rock-tossers a break, who knows how to move at a moments notice. However, word has also been received that the enemies have selected a commander to enhance their assault against our structure. Additionally, graphical enhancements are being brought to an ally, enemy, and HUD near you.

Bravo1's Dark Star is getting a suit upgrade! His latest screen-share shows the new in-development spacesuit and flame-thrower effect. Behind the screens, darkness is not so glaring, and lighting masks have been reviewed and now promote future effects.

In the latest release of Psiforged weekly, Ginseng's digest on all information Psiforged, features the variety of races and the purpose of progression. He goes on to explain that as players grow in power, they will also gain the ability to possess Divine Energy, used during ascension to gain new powers. However, other races, such as the unofficially named and intelligent Googs, may be better fitted to construct a body capable of supporting Divine Energy. Coming up soon on Discord: Skill Trees!

*tosses torch and pitchfork to the side*


Edit: For the record; they're called long horses, not giraffes.
My Massive Art gallery and content display wasnt worth a shout out?

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Gotta love Within BYOND. It's a pain searching around for halve of whats going on without it. Also probably the only thing tempting me to post updates on my work, but I really should keep it hush hush for now... until I cement my return a bit more I guess.
<3 Welcome back Hitogen.
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<3 Welcome back Hitogen.

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Edit: For the record; they're called long horses, not giraffes.