Since some time each time i try to open Byond it doesn't respond, it DOES work but if i would wait it would take without exaggerating at least more than 1 hour. I dont think anyone would wait that much time, both my internet and my computer can run Byond i'd say. This problem started suddenly, i didn't even had updated Byond when this happened (Of course i tried installing both the newest and beta version) and nothing works. What can i do?
This sounds like you changed something on your computer, OR your antivirus just started freaking out over something inappropriately. If you haven't already, give rebooting a try, because sometimes that fixes weird issues that pop up. But first, give your system a quick scan just to make sure everything's okay.
I've actually desinstalled my antivirus and before deleting it i did a quick scan and nothing about BYOND happened.

I dont think i changed something in my computer since i dont know anything about that.
It could have been from a system update.
So what do i do?