Poll: Do you think humanity will survive the next 300 years?

Hell Yes! 14% (4)
Yes 37% (10)
No 14% (4)
Hell No! 18% (5)
Maybe 7% (2)
Unsure 7% (2)

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Between nuclear warfare, global warming, robot revolutions, economic collapse and more - how many of you think humanity will survive the next 300 years?
Survive? Sure. Survive in a non post-apocalyptic tv show kind of way? Who knows.
Of course we'll survive---barring some cosmic extinction-level event occurring before Elon Musk makes us an interplanetary species.

The environment might not.

We'll synthetically make whatever we need to survive. At minimum, wealthy first-world citizens would be fine. Everyone else, maybe not.
Lol 300 years is an extremely short time compared to the span of years from now to the beginning of existence. Even compared to the span of years from now to the first man. Whereas it is gradually more likely that we cause our own end every year, I still think the chances of our extinction in the following 300 years to be highly unlikely.
Not if my robot laser horse army has anything to say about it. Kneel before you clip cloppity overlords and lament your own birth, softsoles! Lament.
Uh oh
Realistically, unless we get climate change under control (which I believe we're way too late to stop the exponential feedback loops), humanity as we know it today will not exist in 2100.

By 2050 we'll be seeing mass migrations, conflict over land and resources, large swaths of the planet will become uninhabitable, mass deaths from heat waves(already starting in S Korea and parts of the middle east), and rising sea levels will start pushing coastal populations inland. Not to be all doom and gloom but humanity and the environment is pretty fucked. The global climate has been deteriorating for over a dozen years now and it's getting exponentially worse every year. By 2030 things will start to dramatically impact the average persons life.

Also worth mentioning ocean temperatures are **rapidly** increasing which is a huge problem because the oceans work as our planet's primary "heat sink" which will not only absorb less radiant heat, but will also facilitate the development of stronger, more devastating tropical storms and hurricanes; nevermind killing off sealife even faster than now. Combine that with the increasingly acidic oceans and you start setting the stage for massive acid rainstorms(and not the good kind of acid).

Permafrost which had held methane(an even stronger greenhouse gas than CO2) has been thawing at alarming rates and releasing aforementioned methane into the atmosphere (remember those weird holes that keep popping up in Siberia? They're from methane gasses building up and explosively releasing.) I won't even get into the Dynamics of melting polar caps and the total impossibility of the international community working together to stop burning fossil fuels and using internal combustion engines. Some countries *are* trying to make steps to fix the issue but it's way too little, way too late.

Humanity as we know it is dead in the water; the rich and lucky will endure(humanity is hella adaptive: we won't go extinct) by going underground or into space, but the planet and most of humanity will not. Best we can do is try and hope to mitigate the damage.

This is something I research and follow obsessively as it's something that terrifies, fascinates, and infuriates me. So many people are oblivious to how seriously fucked we are and I totally believe the international community is trying to dismiss/overlook the problem to avoid mass panic.

Don't have children, recycle, and avoid driving if you can. Plant trees and clean litter when you see it. Over the next 30 years things are going to get terrible and from ~2050 onward will start to be catastrophic. So cherish the moment, spend time with your loved ones, persue your passions and don't put things off until tomorrow - tomorrow might not be as idealistic as you imagine.

I'm on mobile rn so pardon typos. If you want citations I'll gladly provide but i encourage everyone to research this on their own and come to their own conclusion.
(climate aside, the current shitshow going on amongst the international community is also a cause for alarm. We're so close to another massive conflict between global superpowers that it's pretty terrifying- part of why I can't stress enough how important it is to be informed and follow international politics at least a little.)
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the rich and lucky will endure

Depending on how much of a disaster scenario we're talking about, being rich may not be much of a guarantee. Money will be useless in a situation where there's nothing really to back it, including the strength of a government, and even if it's still useful the wealthy often have their money tied up in investments. Credit and checks are worthless without the financial systems to back them up. Perhaps they'll survive early on, but the wealthy live by standing on the backs of innumerable people. If you remove their supports, they'll fall like the rest.

Going to the main topic, perhaps our civilization will collapse. Maybe one will rise from the ashes, maybe not. My perspective is that societies like ours—with clearly demarcated power structures and intense professional specialization—are a recent phenomenon, even in the timeline of human existence. To put the in perspective, condense all of human existence down to around the lifespan of a single person. When humans show up in the record, the Paleolithic baby is born. By the time the Neolithic revolution happens? That baby is 72. By the time the first major civilisations appear? That baby is about six months from their 74th birthday. How old would they be today? 75. All of the time since the appearance of agriculture wouldn't even span a single presidential term.

With the perspective, the way we live now is a brief and momentary aberation. If we go back to the way we lived in the Mesolithic and before, we'd just be returning to the way we lived for the absolutely vast majority of our existence on this planet. Save for the incredible damage we've done to our world, perhaps this wouldn't really be *that* bad of a thing.
Alot of youtube videos with some credible evidence of the future.

And from what I gather, theres no way this earth can sustain humans for that long. Overpopulation is no longer glaring problem, as birthrates are dropping everywhere.

Consumption and resources is your overwhelming problem I'd say.

2300? I hope you believe in god.

Byond's Gang$ta
The top superpowers of the world will eventually fight leading the way for a single world nation.

From there many things are possible.