It has come to my attention that I am unable to connect to any of the Space Station 13 servers because I am a "Guest". I have allowed public and private connections through all of the software, yet the issue still persists. Any assistance?
You need to log into the BYOND pager.
I'm having the same problem but I am logged in
SS13 servers can disable all guest logins for a security reason, and thus nearly all the servers on the hub have them disabled. The only way for you to join is to be logged in the hub when joining a server. There may also be other reasons if you are logged in yet it says you're banned, but in that case, you may want to make a Ban Appeal on the forum related to the server you're trying to connect to. It may be a false positive, it happens (albeit rarely).
If you're logged in on the pager and Dream Seeker is telling games you're a guest, Dream Seeker and the pager are not communicating. This means either you have security software interfering with them, or your firewall settings are wrong.