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Currently the webclient requires the user to have an internet connection to be able to connect to a local server for testing. If the BYOND server goes down for any reason or the user does not have an internet connection, it is not possible to debug with the webclient.

I'm currently working on a project based entirely in Linux. I'm avoiding needing to set up BYOND's Windows-based tools over Wine and relying solely on DreamMaker (the compiler), DreamDaemon, and the webclient as the front-end. However, I will find myself in situations where accessing the internet is not always available, but still wish to debug my project.

Currently, hosting DreamDaemon and then attempting to connect locally using just the IP will give an internal server error. With the webclient flag enabled in DreamDaemon, The server should also be able to provide the necessary components for the user to download before also downloading the game. This would reliably allow local HTTP connections without using BYOND's website as a middleman.

Thanks in advance.
- Mr. Goober
"http://localhost:port/play" should work
Oh, so it does. Issue is resolved.