(See the best response by Nadrew.)
Hey people. I'm trying to create a "rolling credits" effect that plays at the end of a round, to entertain players while the server resets.

We found out that we can send music to the clients via
world << 'credits.ogg'
right before server shutdown, and this music will keep playing even after the clients get disconnected (from the server shutdown).

However, we can't seem to do something similar with scrolling text, since as soon as a client disconnects all animations (such as from animate()) instantly stop.
Unfortunately this means that the server would have to keep running if we want the rolling credits.

So I ask, is there some way of creating client-side animation that still works after client disconnection?
Thanks in advance.
Nothing I can think of. It's an interesting feature idea for 513, although I'd need more of a solid concept on how to set that up and what would be desired.
Best response
For now you can probably just dump a browser where the map was (using a child/pane combination) and display the credits as some fancy HTML as they disconnect, I believe that'll keep running.
Thanks Nandrew, I'll experiment with that and see how it goes!
browsers in the UI do indeed continue running even when the connection dies. Can confirm. I rely on this behavior for things I probably shouldn't.
Thank you Nadrew, in the end I was able to create some pretty good looking credits that animate perfectly post-client-disconnection.
I did this by dumping the text into a HTML browser window, then using Javascript to start the scrolling animation right before the server closes. Bleeding-Edge/code/modules/credits/credits.html