I have NO idea what Happened. A while back I uninstalled BYONd, and I just installed it.

The games list wont load, this is what it looks like. I took a screenshot:

Also, some images don't work in the game. For example:

This is how its supposed to look:

This is how it looks in game:

In dream maker I have this weird problem when showing tabs, its showing question marks:

Obviously something is corrupted, I've tried reinstalling but that doesnt work.
Is your system locale set to Japanese? If so that tends to cause problems.

Another issue that causes game info loading to be stuck is when your BYOND data directory has trans-ASCII characters in its path, like Cyrillic. If you change your data directory to something simple like C:\BYOND that fixes that issue.
That fixed the game list and tab problem, thank you. Although, im still having problems with the in game stuff.