Azusa RP Online

by Inutaishos
Azusa RP Online
New Game Mode: Battle Arena, and Free to play steam period!

Great news!
Hey everyone, as some of you alreayd know the band Nordex (wich @Tutz is member of) have been working the soundtrack for azusa, and, a opening song (with vocals etc) and, its going to be released in a brazilian radio(Radio Geek) this next tuesday (30) wich they are going to participate in a interview there; at 18:20 (local brazilian time)
Aaand I will make part of this interview aswell to talk about azusa around 18:40;
You can watch if you want, through a youtube live:
and the audio through their site:

Also check out nordex's spotify 1pgvtOneo1dhcIp9An2xnC?si=LK5g39lkTta1Hm0Pt1FOtA
Im curious, as someone who has bene in game dev for so long and go so up and beyond.

What was Azusa's problem, and what / how will you be fixing the problem
Hey Rod :D
Wellp, the main stuff is: never give up;
And, Azusa grew alot in the years its been on byond, and thats because instead of giving up I always try to locate the problems and make a better game design instead of simply giving up and starting a completelly new idea;

Azusa had alot of problems, and still have some, and thats it, most of my updates are to repair those problems; working with and always listening to the playerbase at brainstorms and suggestions is driving us the right direction;
Last problem I can state is how the game relies alot on admins/ranked players for the rp to flow properly, and thats a big and old problem of Azusa that is being fixed in this next update (keep your eyes at the next update logs)
Ah, good to jear positive feedback about the project. As someone who has observed your perseverance it is admirable.

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