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Yes yes, I know there are bigger discords. Spires with 550+ and SS13 with 1300+ active at once.

But within a month and killing my fingers, I got to my milestone.

Not to poke jabs at the BYOND discord, they have much more active talkers than my discord, as well as much more ammassed talent and people from byond. As well as I'm pretty sure the Byond discord link was only passed around on 2 websites while I've individually messaged Over 800+ people.

My members are really about 30-40 from byond, and the rest from different Anime (And ashamed to say hentai) discords.

I'm coming for you next Spires.

Byond's Gang$ta
Not to stir shit, but the BYOND Discord is awful in management, presentation, and organization. There's a reason nearly every prominent developer left it or avoids it like the plague.

Hell; my arts & community server, Ratt City, is a fraction the age of the BYOND Discord and our active community is *substantially* bigger and more supportive and creativity-enforcing. Like, I've even offered to help clean up/improve the presentation on the BYOND Discord but get totally ignored because arguably the least motivated and interested people are paradoxically in charge.

For something that's supposed to be "official" and representative of BYOND, it feels a lot more like something spawned off of 4chan half the time.

The BYOND Discord sucks; try Ratt City instead.
Really? I dont think the BYOND discord is cancerous at all. And organization seems pretty solid in terms of what you'd lightly be looking for.

To each their own of course, I suppouse its different from a programmer perspective. Which I think is pretty impressive for a Discord that is technically the 'Unofficial Discord' of byond.
Admittedly, it isn't quite as cancerous as it *used* to be, but there's still a very strong elitist attitude among the regulars.

As for being an 'impressive' discord; the organization and presentation kill me. I know BYOND isn't exactly anything fancy, but look at this:

This is the landing page for the BYOND Discord. All the information about the server you're supposed to know should be here. This landing page is a joke and just highlights the complete lack of motivation and interest on the mods end. I've brought this up so many times and offered to write one up myself (i admin several servers; some sporting over 1k members - this stuff is fun for me) but still get shot down with "whats wrong with it?" or get accused of trying to cause drama when that's furthest from the case.

Another issue; Why have mods assign who can be considered an artist/programmer/developer? These could almost effortlessly be made into roles that members can assign to themselves without mod intervention - Hell, the single bot employed by the BYOND Discord has the functionality to handle this itself but it's not utilized. To my knowledge the bot is there for no real purpose when it could be utilized for so much functionality.

Lastly, there should be some sort of "help-squad" role that experienced users can join that would allow them to be pinged when a person needs help with code or whatever.
As it is, if someone needs help they either hope someone sees them asking or they have to mass ping random people they think might help. It'd be so much easier to just have a pingable role established for this.

Discord management is like IRC management in that increased functionality and accessibility can go a long way in improving user experience and maintaining members/attracting more interested, potentially helpful members.

The BYOND Discord in it's current state does do the job, but it could be so much better.

TL;DR: BYOND needs to be divorced from mediocrity.
Personally I think the BYOND discord does its job fine, it's just pretty dead a lot of the time.
BYOND Discord's a joke that Lummmox should file a Cease & Desist against tbh.
still banned on BYOND discord under Ss4gogeta0 account, was temp banned on other account but I was unbanned on it...

Still waiting for main account to be unbanned (was banned as a meme)
In response to Ss4gogeta0
Ss4gogeta0 wrote:
(was banned as a meme)

If the meme was "you deserved to be banned" then this is true, and only then is this true