Work on the Dream Maker icon editor has continued this week.

All in all, I have pretty good news on this front, but it did take some wrestling with old code to get a lot of things to work right. Tiled icon editing mode is in place, although there's no toggle for it yet (that's a later refinement). Splitters are in place for resizing parts of the interface. What I still need to figure out is how to handle resizing of the palette control; I really don't like it in its current limited form.

Before I tackle the fiddly bits, though, I really should merge in the movie editor as planned. There are several hurdles in this process:

1) The frame control used for the movie editor is currently a list control, and it really needs to be redone from scratch with the new hardware-based graphics. I have a pretty good idea how to do that after all the work I did with the canvas, though.

2) Little things like editing icon frame delays will be a smidge harder in this new control. The list control has a concept of in-place editing, which this won't, so I'll probably replace it with a popup. Being able to select and then copy the delays is something I can add easily enough though.

3) For editor commands that can affect either the pixmap or the movie, I need a way of distinguishing context. The presence of a multiple selection might be enough.

4) The undo/redo functionality is going to be a massive pain in the butt. The current movie editor only supports single-level undo, while the pixmap editor supports a lot more. But now undoing means potentially changing the number of frames in an icon, changing delays, changing hotspots (never actually covered in the pixmap editor's undo but it should have been), etc. So I have to conceive of a whole new system for that.

So that's some of what I'm looking at.

I really want to thank everyone who's helped out BYOND through their Memberships, donations, and on Patreon. Your contributions mean a lot, and we really need more people like you. If you know a lot of people who haven't gotten in on supporting the platform yet, please convince them to do so. It really doesn't cost a lot to become a Member or a Patron, especially when on Patreon you can setup a recurring donation and just forget about it. I've been told there are people out there with a wildly inflated idea of what this project takes in, and the truth of it is I make a lot less than even an entry-level programmer.

Anyway, on lighter news NaNoWriMo is on and we have holidays coming up. Christmas commercials have already invaded TVs everywhere, and it's only a matter of time before it snows. Time to start working on that wish list! I'll put in a good word with the big guy.
For Christmas, I'm asking Santa for a job, so I can make massive cash and be able to become a BYOND patron. And then I'll buy a new monitor so I can play BYOND games in their full glory and have a better developer setup. Oh, and no coal this year. Thanks, Santa.