Each time i open BYOND it works but takes literally HOURS, incase i waited, it would go normally, but when i search for a game (going down the list for example) a white circle would appear at the side of status: online. This makes me being unavailable to even choose a game. Each action i do, that circle would appear, and also, BYOND would stop responding.
I have this problem too
It sounds like for both of you there's a program interfering with BYOND's operation. I'd check your antivirus to make sure it isn't interfering.
Lummox, i dont have any antivirus, i already tried desinstalling it, so that isn't the problem. I really want to play with friends, isnt there any other solution?
If it's taking literally hours to open, something has got to be interfering with BYOND running. That would be antivirus or security software basically because nothing else could do that.
i already saw if i have any antivirus, checked my firewall and my security software and i cant see anything that could be interfering with BYOND. Isn't there any other thing that could be happening?