I have a team of 4 people working for my game, so updates I get at a pretty quick pace and get alot of new stuff to show off . But i don't want to spam the Recent Updates as well as want to see my game on the front page.


No one is posting any damn updates , so I have been looking at this old post of mine on the front page for weeks.

I know you people who are miles more talented than me , and working towards things bigger than me are working on -something-

So ****ing post it, I want to see my competition

Byond's Gang$ta
Posting what you are working on may ruin your motivation if you see no feedback.
I can see that as a reason, but most posts dont get feedback to begin with. Most people just read and keep up with news.

Really I see updates moreso for other developers to survey the scene of what other devs have going on.

So they would be aware of if they should step there game up