Hey, LK here. I've been working on several projects on other programming languages and now I'm going to start working in the biggest project I've ever made. I'm starting a professional game now, but I need to know the current situation:
Gamepad support
standalone availability

I started to love another language, but with the last engine I made using DM it would be hella easier. But those things I asked for are what could hold me back from using DM ever again.

Thanks and biggest regards, guys!

Both are absolutely supported.

Standalone support has to be given on a case by case basis right now though, and things like fangames won't qualify to use it.
The standalone support needs to be greenlit?

Also, can I get an example/guide for adding gamepad support to my game, please?
Yes, since the standalone doesn't utilize pre-joining ads and things of that nature there has to be some sort of agreement to negate that loss of income.

Gamepad support works similar to how keyboard macros do, using the same interface even. You just set them up as you would a keyboard macro.
Can't the controller be coded? I want it to be ready when you plug a controller to play instantly
Developers can set macros in their interface file and control what does what.
Since gamepad support is done through the usual macro system, documentation on it is in the skin reference.