That's right, it's finally snowing! Yay! Yes, I'm one of those people.

I'm gonna make this relatively quick since I'm still working on a ton of stuff. The Dream Maker icon editor is really coming along well, and although there are probably tons of things to look over later, maybe even some after the next release, this is gonna be a huge improvement to work flow.

The new movie frame list is finally working in terms of drawing, and I'm now hooking up the commands and mouse stuff to make it actually useful. I need to work on some selection behavior strategies, which I'll discuss more in the Patreon post.

Undo/redo stuff is finally working the way I want it to, in a few tests. Since that was the topic for last week's Patreon post I'll do an update there was well.

I've hooked up the various buttons/controls from the movie editor like changing number of directions (now has three buttons instead of a dropdown), rewind, and looping.

Editing frame delays is going to be done with a simple pop-up box, but it'll be a lot easier to edit the delays for multiple frames at once.

Now that November's here and the chaos of the election is (mostly) behind us, let's get to work on some great games! Thanksgiving was always my favorite time of year for BYOND gaming. And speaking of giving thanks, if you'd like to show your thankfulness for BYOND, becoming a Member, donating, or becoming a Patron are all great options. Your support really is everything. And big thanks right back to everyone who supports us so far!
I'm really excited to hear of updates to Dream Maker!
Nice! Can't wait to see it live
Sounds cool, Looking forward to it!

Keep up the good work! :)
keep it up